Monday, August 24, 2009


hackers This classic stars Jonnie Lee Miller and a very young and very hot Angelina Jolie.  It is great fun and was one of the first movies about hacking or even computers besides War Games a decade earlier.  The movie is completely dated now and was completely unrealistic a decade ago, but like I said.  Great fun.  I loved this movie when it came out and it hasn’t aged well.  The acting in this movie is subpar.  The plot is fun and pits a bunch of kids up against a huge corporation.  I would call it The Goonies of the computer age.  The movie launched the careers of several people.
I wanted to be a hacker after seeing this movie, but the reality is nothing like this movie.  Angelina Jolie was completely hot in this movie in a way she hasn’t replicated since.  I thought Jonnie Lee Miller was going to be a big star and I expected good things from Matthew Lillard. 
It is an interesting movie, and a lot of fun if you can suspend disbelief.  It is fairly tame, so it is pretty family friendly.  It is interesting looking at things from the movie that carry on today.  and is worth the two hours it takes to watch it. 

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