Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charley's War

I picked up this classic that was originally a serial in the British comic Boys and Girls. It originally ran in 80's and is considered by some to be the best British comics ever. It was written by Pat Mills (2000 AD, Punisher 2099, Batman: Book of Shadows) and art by Joe Colquhoun (Mask).

The story follows Charley as he is fired from his job and lies to join the war effort at age 16. The story continues to the Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest military battles ever.

Charlie is a likeable character that doesn't have much in the way of intelligence. He is fiercly loyal and brave.

The series is pretty good and ends on a note of uncertainty. Charley isn't so much the hero of the story as much as he is the eyes and ears where these vicious war stories are recorded. He is really just a normal soldier.

This was recommended to me at a panel on British Comics at the 2009 GMX in Nashville, TN. It is quite good and highly recommended.

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