Monday, May 10, 2010

Astro Boy (2009)

The girls and I sat down to watch the recent remake of Astro Boy.  It was kind of fun.

The first problem with it is the length.  IMDB states that the movie is 94 minutes, but it really felt like an hour.  My oldest looked at me when it was over and said, "Is it over already?"
Seriously it is origin story then straight to final fight with main boss. 

I found Nick Cage and Don Sutherland's voices distracting.  Sure they are big stars and their voices are very distinct.  But, I am not sure you want a distinct Nick Cage or Don Sutherland voice in an Astroboy movie.  It pulls you out of this nicely animated world everytime one of them speaks. 

The girls liked it though.  I don't think they know or care who the voice actors were, but they were disappointed in the length of the movie.  It just felt rushed.  Great for families, but adults probably won't enjoy it by themeselves. 

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