Monday, October 15, 2012

Nineties BlogFest

Dave over at "Dave Wrote This" is hosting the 90s Blogfest today and we are participating.  So here are my entries for favorites of the the years 90-99.  I will list a book, movie, and maybe a bonus category. 

1990-Arnold rocked the theater in Total Recall.  A film that taught us that three is better than two and how to file for divorce.  I have been meaning to read Dan Simmons novel Hyperion for years.  I really need to and that makes my choice for the year.  Bonus goes to Back to the Future III for finishing the series strong

1991-  Orson Scott Card continues the Ender series with Xenocide.  Arnold promised us he would be back and he was with a vengence in Terminator 2.  I loved TV in 1991 and a gem that gets overlooked is the fox show Herman's Head. 
1992-  Vernor Vinge is now a household name (wait, he isn't, but in my house...Oh, I have a bunch of geeks in my house) anyway, this is the year that Vinge published Fire Upon the Deep.  In movies we suffered through Alien 3 and Lawnmower man, but get Universal Soldier as payment.  Huge X-men crossover with executionor's song where we find out cable has been cloned.  This was in order to double the number of pouches and therefore double Rob Leifeild's income.
1993-Sure Jurassic Park overshadowed them but, Army of Darkness and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm came out this year.  Kim Stanley Robinson was rocking the world with his mars series.  On TV we see the Saved by the Bell Graduation and The premier of Beavis and Butthead.

1994-  So, Street Fighter wasn't exactly what we were expecting.  But generations were gapped in the first next generation move Generations.  Generations.  Generetions.  No books really tickled my fancy this year, but maybe I am missing a good one let me know.  On TV, Babylon 5.  I didn't catch it until many years later, but wow, just wow.
1995-  AOA, that is right Age of Apocalypse.  Most crossovers suck, but Marvel showed us how to do it right as Bishop, a man displaced in time, explores a world where Charles Xavier is killed before he can form the X-Men.  Not to overshadow this at all, but Neal Stephenson had been working on his own masterpiece, Diamond Age.  Oh yeah and you might have heard of a little movie from Japan called Ghost in the Shell. 

1996- You may have missed my favorite movies this year because you were watching Vampirella and Leprachaun 4, but I liked Black Mask and Mars Attacks much better.  It isn't a book published in 1996 but I read The Hobbit, LOTR, and Watership Down for second times this year.  X-Files and Sliders were happening over on Fox. 

1997-Welcome to the world Buffy, I enjoy your show and your scooby gang.  Before it was a hit HBO show, George R. R. Martin was publishing a book with the title Game of Thrones.  In the movies, take your choice of Event Horizon, Fifth Element, and Gattaca, not to mention Starship Troopers. 

1998-Two sleeper hits from this year were Dark City and Soldier.  In books we get new Vinge and new Martin, unfortunately Martin did not keep this pace for future books.  Pokemon invaded America. 

1999- Yeah Galaxy Quest and Matrix, but I want to talk about Iron Giant, Existenz, and the 13th Floor.  What, you haven't seen any of these movies.  Do yourself a favor and have a way awesome party like it is 1999 movie party.  Check out Cryptomonomicon by Neal Stephenson while you are partying.  DS9 goes off the air but I wasn't watching because Farscape was rocking my world. 

This list makes me feel old.  Did I miss your faves or do you agree with mine?  Let me know in the comments. Be sure to sign up for my Scare Me! Blogfest happening on Halloween.  


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Iron Giant was so underrated.

Philip J Reed said...

Loved Iron Giant! Still haven't seen Galaxy Quest. Does that make me a bad person? Of course if it's that good maybe it's better I haven't seen it. I had enough trouble narrowing my list down as it is.

Hart Johnson said...

Total Recall was a great one, eh? I haven't historically watched a ton of Sci Fi or fantasy, but a couple make the list and that's one. I also am a huge Buffy fan.

Budd said...

Alex- I agree!

Phillip- I was surprised at how attracted to sigourney weaver I was during Galaxy Quest. Also it is fun to play spot Rainn Wilson.

Hart- Total Recall was a really fun movie. Buffy rocks, hope you are reading the comics.

Dave said...

Thank you for taking part.

Great list. I loved Farscape too, but don't tell me that you haven't seen the end of DS9? You need to.

I look forward to the Scare Me! Blogfest.

Dave Wrote This

Kal said...

Age of Apocalypse was the best comic maxi series I have ever read. They changed just enough to make it fresh and exciting and made Apocalypse a real credible threat. The design work is brilliant too. What a great mutant adventure that really rewarded long time fans.

I need to get started on Babylon Five one of these days.

Great post. I should do one like this.

Eliza Wynn said...

BTVS is one of my all-time favorites.

Tony Laplume said...

Can't believe you omitted Star Trek: First Contact from '96! But Mars Attacks! was pretty awesome.

Pat Tillett said...

I liked all the ones I'm familiar with. You saying that this made you feel old, REALLY makes me feel old!