Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Girl Who Owned a City-NCCW

This is the graphic novel presentation of the YA novel The Girl Who Owned a City. 

The world has been decimated by a plague that has wiped out anyone that has gone through puberty.  All that are left are children.  Some of them are smart enough to scavange, while others are dying of starvation.  Gangs form up using numbers to make up for smarts and to take things from those that are able to scavenge. 

Lisa Nelson is fed up.  She decides if no one else is going to grow up and be responsible, it will have to be her.  She is going to take responsiblity and help those who can't help themselves, but to do so, she is going to have to protect herselves from the gangs. 

This was a pretty interesting graphic novel.  I am not sure if it is the full story of the novel or just the first of a series as it has resolution, but a greater threat was revealed in the pages and her confrontation with that was not explored in this volume.  I was drawn to it as a fan of the show Jeremiah from Showtime about 10yrs ago.  Where Jeramiah looks at things 10-15yrs later, TGWOAC looks at the immediate aftermath. 

I loved the artwork in this book, all the characters where distinctive.  The writing was crisp and the story didn't drag.  Overall it was a fun read, but falls more on the YA side of things.  My oldest also read it and liked it okay.  As the lead character is approx. her age, I thought she would like it a bit more than she did.  Check this one out.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I read a short story with that title back when I was in school and I think it's the exact same story.

Jazz bazooka said...

this is like the opposite of Children of Men (i reviewed it if you are interested ) and does sound really cool.

Budd said...

Alex- it was originally written in the 70s, can't believe I haven't heard of it till now.

Jazz- I didn't think of Children of Men, but you are right.