Thursday, May 20, 2010

Supernatural Season 5 Finale

Supernatural: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-ray]This was a very, very good episode. I am almost sad that it wasn’t the series finale as I think it ends on just that kind of note. Spoilers after the jump.

Sam and Dean track Lucifer to Detroit. Once there, Lucifer lets on that he knows exactly what is going on and quotes, “A fiddle of gold against your soul says I’m better than you.” This line was delivered pitch perfect. Sam concedes and becomes the host of Lucifer. Lucifer plays with dean before taking the rings and leaving Dean boiling over. Dean calls Chuck and gets the location of the final battle. If Sam is gone Dean wants to go down too.

Dean shows up in the impala, just in time to interrupt the family reunion between Michael and Lucifer. Castiel is able to get rid of Michael for a few moments but pays the price by getting “sploded” by Lucifer. He then snaps Bobby’s neck as Bobby is firing off rounds at him. His day ruined, Lucifer proceeds to punch Dean’s face in. The sun bounces off of the Impala and hits Lucifer/Sam in the eye. As he looks at the light, he sees all the good times that the brothers have shared in the car. The Impala is their home, as foreshadowed at the beginning, and the memories bring Sam to the forefront just in time for Michael to show up. Michael grabs Sam to keep him from going into the pit created by the four rings and they both go in.

Sam is beat up really bad, but Castiel, a full angel again, heals him. He then goes and revives Bobby. Sam made Dean promise that he would stop hunting and lead a normal life if the plan works and Dean plans on keeping the promise by going to what’s her name and his kid. Then we see Chuck discussing how stories should end and that the ending is very good and disappearing. Sam also shows up outside of what’s her name’s house and sees Dean inside eating dinner and walks away.

Great episode and great ending. This show has always been about the relationship between Sam and Dean. To end the episode the way they did was the perfect cap. I almost don’t want to see season 6. I don’t know how they can top, heck, I don’t know how they can even equal, this ending. It isn’t a pretty bed of roses, but I don’t expect that from this series. Sam and Dean sacrifice. They do it even though they get no fanfare or praise for it. They do it because it needs doing.

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