Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mary's Prince of Persia Review

Posted on behalf of Mary. 

Kewl movie- fluffy summer fun.

Was it ground breaking- absolutely NOT. For more heart beating parkour stunts check out district 13 and its sequel ultimatum. But for a Disney / kid flick- it was superior to the spidey’s and other such action movies
Was the acting of Oscar caliber- are you joking? But you will feel for the characters, even grow to like and root for them (even if the cheese spreads faster than a chunk of Velveeta in a black car during Nashville’s 105 deg summer heat waves).

Totally worth a matinee ticket price (but not the $10+ evening price) and purchase when its available on the pre-viewed discount shelf at blockbuster.

Originally thought appropriate for 7+, on second thought maybe 10+. There was one scene of a highly inappropriate statue but you will quickly forget about it. Also there is a fair amount of blood- Persian’s love cutting off peoples’ heads and slicing necks. On par with the typical Chinese film, just enough blood flow to let you know something happened, but not enough to haunt your nightmares.

Until the Last Airbender, here’s your popcorn flick!
Hehehehee- the film’s actually abbreviated PoP

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