Monday, July 12, 2010

Street Fighter:The Legend of Chun-Li spoiler free movie review

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun LiAgainst the Judgment of many before me, I decided to give this one a watch.  I got it from the library so the only thing it cost me was 2 hrs of time, so about $60.  Well I didn't watch it at work so that two hours is worth more.  I digress.

The movie starts out real slow and it spells everything out to you.  Apparently, there is a secret good guy organization and all the members keep the organization secret by tattooing the insignia on their hand.  Any time the movie starts to speed up and flow, the director slows it back down again.

This movie also has that one kid from American Pie in it.  No not that guy the other one.  No the other, other one.  It seems like he is trying to channel Jason Lee from my name is Earl as an Interpol agent.  His acting is horrible in this movie so it actually fit right in. Moon Bloodgood was wasted as hot female cop.  Kruek made her Smallville performances look good.  When the actors tried to act, dialogue got in the way. 

The plot, it had holes.  I watched the deleted scenes and it actually filled in some of the holes.  The characters did dumb things for dumb reasons and didn't act realistically at all.  It took a simple revenge plot and mucked it all up.  The martial arts sucked in this movie.  The fight scenes could have made this movie, but it was all wire work.  They do some crazy stuff in the video game, but everything about every fight was way over the top.  It was overkill and made it uninteresting. 

The director was the worst part.  Sure Kruek is there for looks but she can act better than she was.  Wardrobe was horrible especially Chun-Li's outfit in the club where she lesbian dances.  He obviously cut scenes from the movie that explained other scenes.  For instance Moon Bloodgood's character asks interpol agent Nash for money to buy something to drink while they are on stakeout.  That is the whole scene.  That is it.  She doesn't go buy a soda and miss something.  The place doesn't blow up.  Just her in a car asking for money to buy a soda and then cut to a different scene.  The deleted scenes show him pull out his wallet to get money and reveal a picture of his Daughter whom Bison killed.  They cut the daughter completely out of the film apparently.  But dumb things are happening like that all through the film.

My 9 year old thought it was stupid and didn't make sense.  She wanted to like Kruek and Bloodgood because they are both half Asian like she is.  But in the end, the only reason to see this film is to find out how bad it really is or to help you go to sleep.  Get the 90's Street Fighter instead.  Ming Na is hot. 



Nick said...

Shoot I'l stick to animated streetfighter only. At least it'll be pretty.

Budd said...

I really liked the movie and used to have the entire tv series.