Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Afro Film Viewer Reviews Scott Pilgrim VS the World

Afro Film Viewer has a great review up for Scott Pilgrim vs the World.  He states that the movie is for the movies audience and it works really well in that context.  Here is an a bit:

    "Despite being the box office's bitch, Scott Pilgrim won me over in spades. Not only was I in love with it's ambition, but totally bowled over by it's execution. At every turn I was dazzled by it's visual style, offbeat rhythm and quick witted dialogue. This is Spaced goes Canadian, not only utilizing the same transitions that made Edgar Wrights sitcom so eye catching, but nabbing a whole range of ideas from other areas and films to make an astonishing slacker comedy pastiche. It's narrative is structured like a video game, it's fight sequences build and are almost executed like an musical while many of the transitions owe a debt to The Wachowskis' Speed Racer. This mixture shouldn't work and to some it really won't, but for me I found myself constantly grinning to myself."

Head on over to read the rest of the review. 

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