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Blogfest top 10 TV shows

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Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting a blogfest today on top 10 TV shows.  As this is a Science Fiction website my list will consist solely of Science Fiction shows.  These are all my opinion and I will try to give reasons why I feel that way.  Feel free to disagree.  Let me know if I missed something completely obvious.

10.  My Secret Identity-  This little known gem starred Jerry O'Connell as a teen that was given superpowers in a lab experiment gone wrong.
9.   Spaced- It wasn't technically Scifi, but it is referenced enough that it counts in my book. 
8.   X-Men-  Yes, the 90's cartoon.  It kept the spirit of the comics and hit on some major story lines.  This show got me into comics.
7.   The BSG remake-  Or at least the first three seasons.  The last two, not so much.  No matter how it ended, it started really well. 
6.   The new Doctor Who- The only show on the list that is currently in production.  I prefer the 10th Doctor.
5.   Firefly-  This show might not be on this list had it run for years, but it didn't and what we got was great and left us hungry for more.
4.   Star Trek TNG-  Star Trek has to be on here somewhere.  I loved this show growing up.  I wanted to be Geordi LaForge, he was the coolest.  Maybe I should have taken engineering classes instead of English.
3.   Farscape-  Muppets in space.  No really, Jim Henson's muppet factory designed a few of the aliens in this very clever and witty series. 
2.   Babylon 5- It had a well thought out arc and was written extremely well. The cast was likable and the characters grew. 
1.   The Twilight Zone-  Where would SciFi be on TV today without Rod Sterling.  The show continually makes you think. 

I have not watched every scifi show ever, so I probably missed your favorite.  Let me know what I should be watching.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Firefly and Star Trek - excellent choices! I covered all genres, but science fiction dominated my list. Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

Karen Peterson said...

I'm pretty sure Firefly would have been at the TOP of my list if it had made it.

And who could forget My Secret Identity.

Budd said...

@ Karen I think the fact that firefly was so short lived increases how much I liked it. It was fleeting and awesome and there wasn't enough time for any of it to get normal or, heaven forbid, old.

@Alex-no problem, it was fun.

Ellie said...

Great choices! Star Trek is a given. I watched the original series as a young child, and then The Next Generation in my teens/early twenties. Picard was so cool.

Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner - Nightmare at 20000 feet? I literally screamed when the alien's face was pressed up against the airplane window!

arlee bird said...

"Twiight Zone" really broke ground and set the bar for thoughtful literary science fiction. I do think "Quantum Leap" was one of the best and most creative sci fi shows ever.

Tossing It Out

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Someone else who listed Farscape! And I liked the first half of the new Battlestar, but the third season the show didn't advance and it was too full of drama. I watched to the end just to see it end!!!

Budd said...

@Ellie-don't remember that specific episode, but a lot of the shows tend to run together as I haven't seen them recently. do you remember tales from the darkside.

@ArleeQuantum Leap was great and it almost made it on this list (now I feel guilty about spaced, but it was a good show that no one knows about).

@Wolfe-I think Pegasus was the cutoff point. everything up to that storyline was great and everything after was filler till the sub par finale. New Caprica could have been so good.

DEZMOND said...

Deana Troy was my favourite from STAR TREK NEW GENERATION, I loved her special powers :)
And when it comes to sf shows I also loved SLIDERS which is missing from your list.

BryStearns said...

Yay for Firefly! I'm the same way about BSG, first 2 seasons were great, 3rd not so much. I'm trying to watch season 4 but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Budd said...

@Dez-Sliders was great fun and was strongly considered for my list.

Bry-There is no plan-get out while you still can. Actually I hear it plays better when you can watch it back to back to back.

Summer Ross said...

Woot firefly and twilight zone- it actually on a lot of lists.

iZombie said...

my secret identity...wowzers i that boy...

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I know of Dr. Who of course coming from the UK, I can remember the very first episode of the very first Dr. Who back in 1963. I thought it wouldn't last.


Jennie Bailey said...

HUGE Dr. Who fan! Great choice! I completely forgot that Jerry O'Connell had done that show (My Secret Identity). That image made me laugh out loud! Great list!!

Lynda Young said...

I totally forgotten about Twilight Zone. Such a cool show! They are all great choices :)

W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

Budd said...

@Summer-That is cause there are some extremely intelligent list makers out there ;p

@iZombie-Yeah-I was thinking best scifi and thought sliders and went straight to My Secret Identity.

@WTMWOP-I have seen the first episode and can understand why you felt that way.

Jennie-Another well forgotten show is Small Wonder. Look it up.

Renae said...

Great list! I don't know how I managed to miss Firefly because I love Joss Whedon. Guess I will be renting me some DVD's!

Jen said...

I'm feeling out of place... Firefly is something I still haven't seen, or even heard of. Umm should I have admitted that?

Michele Emrath said...

Ok, I can't relate to this list at all! I love that you SciFi guys stick together, and I am curious about some of these shows...but can honestly say I haven't seen ONE! Thanks for coming by my blog for my list. :)


Budd said...

@Renae-check your local library. it might have a copy.

@Jen- It is worth a watch.

@Michele- If you want to start on scifi something light and fun like the new Dr. Who would be great.

aspiring_x said...

i think i've loved every reincarnation of the doctor since the new dr. who started! i just can't get into the old ones though. and firefly *sigh* :)

Kelly Dexter said...

I adore sci-fi, so this list is golden for me!

Angela M. said...

I kinda' put off watching BSG (remake), and I'm pretty sure it's because it's different from the original, and I really loved the original. Everyone tells me the new one's really good though.

I've never heard of My Secret Identity, but it sounds good.

The Golden Eagle said...

Ah, The Twilight Zone! Creepy, but interesting to watch. :P

Budd said...

@aspiring_x-The older ones can be pretty dated.

@Kelly-I aim to please

@Angela-BSG starts good and, in my opinion, fades. My secret identity came on for me on Sunday morning on a UHF Channel.

Golden Eagle- Twilight Zone was creepy, but nothing like Tales From the Dark Side.

Kelley said...

Twilight zone is the only show i have seen of these but it did rock!

Anonymous said...
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