Friday, September 17, 2010

Quiz Time

Rules for the Quiz are easy.  No cheating.  Without looking anything up, post your answers in the comments.  The person who gets the most right will win a "SciFi Media No Prize."  Here are the questions:

1. Name the samurai sword carrying character from Snow Crash. (moderate)

2. What author would I read if I was interested in Vogon Poetry? (easy)

3. In what movie does Charlie Sheen play a character's brother back from the dead? (moderate unless you grew up in the eighties)

4. Before we were in the matrix, this movie created a virtual reality that ended on a deserted highway and starred Gretchen Mol. (difficult)

5. Who is Hari Seldon. (moderate)

6. Name the PBS series that involved an alien invasion with kids hiding out in the library. (very difficult)


Anonymous said...

Wow -- that's a toughie!

1. Errr- still haven't read it.
2. Douglas Adams
3. Was that "The Wraith"?
4. nope, and I like Gretchen Mol.
5. Prof and protagonist in "Foundation"
6. Wow -- nope.

At best, I'm 3 for 6!

Gary Baker said...

1. Hiro Protagonist
2. Douglas Adams
3. The Wraith
4. The 13th Floor (not sure)
5. A professor in Asimov's Foundation Series (even not surer)
6. No idea - never seen PBS - guess at 'Invasion'

Budd said...

wow, not a wrong answer.
1. Hiro Protagonist
2. Douglas Adams
3. The Wraith
4. The 13th floor
5. He is indeed the prof from the foundation series
6. Tomes and Talismans

Budd said...

Gary, I need an email to send your no prize to.

Gary Baker said...

I won no prize?! Woo hoo! g_b001 at (Do a little dance, make a little love, Get down tonight ...)