Thursday, December 02, 2010

Gift Idea-Sofia's Dream

Sofia's DreamOver at Alex Cavanagh's site he is highlighting a children's book.  Yep, the kind with pictures.  As a Scifi dad, I totally support this book.  Head over to Alex's site and comment to have a chance at winning the book and to read the full story including reason's to buy the book from two little girls.  Here is what the book is about:
     "Anyone who reads sci-fi knows there are plenty of books in which the hero has left Planet Earth because humans have destroyed her. That explains why we’re writing about a kid lit book called Sofia’s Dream, in which a little girl visits the Moon and after seeing the planet from the Moon’s point of view, is inspired to do what she can to protect the world."


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for posting about this book, Budd!

Dani Greer said...

Thank you from Little Pickle Press, too! :) Today's post at is about the astronaut interviews that are the back-story behind this book's creation. You might enjoying reading that.

Budd said...

My pleasure, Alex and Dani. It looks like a great little book and the artwork is excellent. I requested that my library order a copy.