Monday, December 13, 2010


Directed and written by Park, Chan-Wook and starring Song, Kang-Ho and Kim, Ok-Bin.

Plot-Yes it is a vampire movie, so the plot will center around either a vampire’s love interest or someone becoming a vampire and learning to deal with it.  This movie is able to but a pretty unique twist on the subject matter by making the person infected a Catholic priest.  Not just any priest, a miracle priest that has followers.  The movie is dark and brooding from start to finish.

Characters- Song has been in a lot of different movies, and his experience shows with his performance here.  He portrays the dark brooding priest that has inner conflict to a T.  Relative new comer Kim does an excellent job as well.  She is the character that goes through the greatest transformation during the movie.  She is extremely attractive and I see her going places.

Cinematicly-there are some great scenes in this movie.  the camera work and music all work.  The white washed apartment was bright but still eerie.  This might be the most provocative Korean movie I have ever seen.  There is a lot of nudity in this movie including male full frontal.  There is a whole bunch of gore in this as well.

Overall-  This movie is one for horror fans and vampire aficionados.  I don’t mean twilight girls either.  They would be in for a shock.  I wouldn’t let my kids watch this one and my wife chose to sit it out due to the sex and violence.  If either of those things bother you, you may want to stay away from it as well.  I liked it and thought it was a pretty good movie with an interesting take on the very popular and overdone vampire genre.

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SteveB said...

I wonder how long until an Americanized re-make of this gets made?

Budd said...

I don't think they can. The story is almost too Korean to be adapted. What am I talking about, they did that with My Sassy Girl. They just took those Korean parts out and put in contrived American ones, removing the charm. Watch My Sassy Girl if you haven't.