Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cape-spoiler free pilot review

NBC stands for Next to Be Cancelled, but I gave the new super hero show "The Cape" a watch eventhough I knew it won't be around to long.  I might be wrong.  The show was actually pretty good.  On to the breakdown. 

Acting-  Acting was pretty good.  some of it was over the top but it fit the tone of the show.  The little kid that plays the son was great.  The circus freaks were awesome.  Max let you know what kind of show this was going to be when one of his underlings said that he was yelling and he says, "what, I am using my stage voice."  Summer Glau is still hot.

Plot-  There shouldn't be any surprises here for anyone that watched the preview for the show.  It isn't too original but the hero persona is stolen from the a comic that exists in the show, so they are giving a nod to their influences.  They have set up an interesting fictional city that seems to take place about 20 years from now.  I am looking forward to seeing the world building here. 

Special effects-  CGI was easily the worst part of this show.  I think they had my 9 year old doing the rendering for the cape in several scenes.  I like that they are going with over the top type action, but they can't make it look like crap.  It was inconsistant though.  There are scenes where it is passable and then there are scenes that are a distraction.  Lets hope they get this straigtened out. 

Overall-  It was an interesting show that is probably okay for the kids.  Mine didn't get to watch due to the late timeslot that NBC aired it on.  Well, the oldest watched the first half hour and wanted to stay up and keep watching, so that is a good sign. 

I will have to keep my eye on this one.


Pat Tillett said...

It's sitting on my DVR. I only got to watch a little bit of it and had to leave. I didn't get a warm and fuzzy feeling about what I did see. I want it to be good though, so I'll give it a chance!

Nick said...

I saw The Cape as well and I found it just plain old cheezy. The whole cape as a weapon thing was lame. Chess was lame. Costume design was lame. It was extremely derivative and made me feel like the superhero genre has nothing to say to adults. I felt like this should have been marketed and timeslotted more towards family entertainment/kids because as a show for adults it was a mess.

The acting was decent enough, the script and ideas were just blah. I will definitely not watch this one anymore.

They'd have done better doing a lower powered established superhero such as...

DC: Batman, Nightwing, Azrael, Green Arrow & Black Canary, The Question, Simon Dark, and for fun The Blue Devil.

Marvel: Daredevil, Moon Knight, Iron Fist and Power Man, The Shroud, White Tiger.

Other: The Shadow, Doc Savage, Tom Strong, Powers by Bendis/Oeming.

In particular I would have enjoyed The Question, The Blue Devil, Iron Fist and Power Man and The Shroud fromt he big 2.