Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Science Fiction Quiz: Reds

Being one (or perhaps more appropriately having had been one) I’m always happy to see redheads make good. I told Budd last year that I had an idea for a quiz here that focused on redheads in science fiction. And being a guy, let's focus on the ladies, shall we?

A very top-rate No-Prize to the person with the most correct answers. Don’t be a douche and use Google or Wikipedia either.

The Quiz

1. Alyson Hanigan is famous for playing Willow on BtVS. She’s married to another Whedonverse person. Who?

2. Eva Habermann played Zev and was part of the misfit crew of the starship in this German-Canadian TV show.

3. Mila Jovovich had her first big break in this 1997 science fiction film.

4. Felicia Day is known for Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog” and the web-comedy “The Guild”. She’s also known for being pretty popular on twitter. How many people are following Felicia? More than: a) 50,000 b) 300,000, c) 1,000,000 d) 5,000,000
5. This past season or two, Anna Torv has been pressed into double duty playing Agent Olivia Dunham in two different universes on the show “Fringe”. What is the common internet nickname for the alternate-universe character?

6. In the second season of “The X-Files”, Special Agent Dana Scully is kidnapped. When she returns what does she come back: a) pregnant, b) with a chip in her neck, c) with cancer, d) harboring alien-human hybrid DNA.
Good luck!


Budd said...

1. she married wesley didn't she.
2. Lexx, which was a suprisingly good show.
3. that would be the fifth element. Lelu rocked.
4. b, I have no idea and that is my go to answer
5. I don't watch fringe. she is a red head so is it Ginger
6. she came back preggers. didn't the baby end up being abducted.

SteveB said...

Budd -
1. Yes, she did marry Wesley, who sometimes is known as Alexis Denishoff

2. Ding!
3. Ding!
4. The answer is c) -- she has over a million nerds following her.
5. Fauxlivia
6. She came back with a chip in the back of her neck. The whole abduction storyline was because Gillian Anderson was pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Technically, Budd got #3 wrong. It's Leeloo, not Lelu. "Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat", to be exact.

X-Files is still the best, but Fringe is worth watching too.