Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Buffy!

Buffy appears in literature such as the Buffy ...Image via Wikipedia
Yes, Buffy Summers, fictional vampire slayer, turns 30 today.  It somehow makes me feel old, eventhough I am older than her.  I suggest you celebrate by heading down to your local comic shop and picking up the final issue of season 8 that is released today.  Wear a birthday hat and sing while you are there.  In honor of Buffy I will post some iconic pictures. 

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Michael said...

buffy and I share the same b'day....

And I'm waiting for the trade PB release of the final set of issues from season eight.

Then I can enjoy them all in one big chunk.

Budd said...

Michael- Happy Birthday may yours be happier than any of Buffy's.

I usually read them in trade as well, but I might pick this one up as a single since it is such a special occasion and only $3. Crap I remember when that was the top price point and not the bottom. What ever happend to my $.75 comics.

TS Hendrik said...

Where does the time go? haha