Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This site, it is a changin'

You may have noticed some changes to the SciFi Media site over the past month.  Our newest change is that you can now follow us on twitter. 
By: TwitterButtons.com
We also have a facebook page linked in our menu on the right.

We have a storefront where you can hopefully find all the great products that we review and all your other Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror needs.  We have made this as unobtrusive as possible by putting it on a separate page. 

As our audience has gotten wider so has the site.  It is now optimized for 1280x1024.  This may cause some people with lower resolutions to have to used a horizontal slide bar and I am sorry for that, but the future moves forward. 

I have eliminated the empty spaces on both sides that blogger puts on all their templates. 

I hope these changes are asthetically pleasing and I will continue to tweek the site to get the look and feel perfect.  I am not happy with the related post widget as I can't limit it to a certain number.  If anyone has a fix or better option feel free to let me know. 


Pat Tillett said...

It looks really good! I've been thinking about getting a wider template also. I hate having to reduce the size of my photos to fit on my current page.

DEZMOND said...

Blogger has those spaces on the sides, because overly wide layouts aren't visually pleasing and most people have troubles with their eyes and sight when they have to read text on them, which also goes for white letters on black background. Those are not so much of a visual but more of a medical issues - human eye is sometimes overly sensitive :)

Budd said...

being able to fit more on it is why I did it, Pat.

Dez-I am just breaking all the rules. My writing is actually a grey color because the white really did hurt.