Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chickenhare- New Comic Content Wednesday

The artwork is beautiful in its simplistic manner and the story is great. The book follows Chickenhare and his friend Abe (the bearded turtle) as they try to escape from the taxedermist. Along the way they meet a unique cast of characters. Grine writes the story almost as a teaser to what the story could be and this book leaves you wanting to understand the characters more. 
 The first part of the review is a few years old.  There is a second book and now a webcomic to give your your Chickenhare fix.  This one is a bunch of fun and you won't regret picking up the graphic novel or reading the web comic.  When I first read this book I emailed Mr. Grine letting him know I enjoyed it and actually got a response.  He is good people.

Cal at The Canadian Cave of Cool is also participating in New Comic Content Wednesdays.

And Dom at 365 Days of Comics has new comic content everyday. 


Talli Roland said...

Looking forward to reading more of your posts during the A to Z Challenge!

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Awesome post! Keep us posted on more of Chickenhare!

Charmaine Clancy said...

Chickenhare looks cute... and quite scary!

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