Monday, April 11, 2011

Idiocracy- A to Z

Have you noticed the trend on super educated people either putting off or not having kids at all.  On the other hand, some of the dumbest people alive sire children on any willing receptacle.  Well so did Mike Judge and the result is idiocracy

Joe Bowers is put into cryogenic sleep by the military only to wake up in a future where he is the smartest man alive.  Joe must survive a nation full of idiots so that he may find the time machine that will take him back to his time (it is located somewhere inside Costco). 

This is one moveie that will only get funnier the more you watch it.  I say it is best watched with a group of friends, some popcorn, and some food from Carl's Jr.  Not appopriate for viewers of any age, I will suggest this one for the adult crowd. 

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SteveB said...

We don't have any kids...

Ciara said...

I'm a fellow A-Z challenger and new follower. :)

Nick P said...

I didn't really like Idiocracy that much. I thought it was mediocre at best and that's due to my political POV and where I think America is going.

I think we are trending more towards the a new Robber Baron era in which the middle class is nearly eliminated and society is mostly unemployed or overworked poor with a small rich elite. A return to a Dickensian society of extreme wealth and poverty.

The spoiled stupidity of Idiocracy seems at odds with reality as I see it and so is a poor satire, for me. It has elements of truth but not the overall structure of it.

I understand I'm in the minority on this subject, just thought I'd throw it out there for another perspective.

Budd said...

The movie is in no way plausible, but it is fun if you can suspend disbelief. Brawndo, the thirst annihilator!