Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Velma- A to Z bonus

The unsung voice of reason of Mystery Inc.  She never got Fred's attention like Daphne did.  Shaggy was too fried to pay her any notice.  I always thought she was cute and more so because she was smart. 

Oh, no.  In some new Scooby Doo cartoon she is dating Shaggy.  Come on Velma, you can do better than that stoner.  Hey animators, how about animating a version of me to date her.  That would be cool. 

Warning.  turn safe image search on before looking for pictures of her.  *The more you know!*


SteveB said...

Sorry, Budd. I am Team Daphne all the way!

Budd said...

you do like those red heads, can't really fault you on that. I am not sure if she is a safer google search or not.

Pixie said...

She always seemed like she wanted to be invisible. I hate how the token "smart girl" always seemed to be frumpy, or plain, or weird.