Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ghost Box

Ghost Box is collects Astonishing X-Men 25-30 and is written by Warren Ellis. 

At first I though I had skipped a trade.  I didn't remember anything about the X-Men moving to San Fran and changing up their image.  I still don't remember it, but maybe I just took too long in between volumes, but I am pretty sure that there was no lead in, it was just something that happened off panel and we have to deal with. 

The story itself isn't a bad one.  The team has to track down a new type of mutant that murdered a third type of mutant.  In the process they discover that the events of M-Day has made Earth 616 look like easy pray for other dimensions. 

The story flows pretty well until the very end when it closes in a rush.  There is a climax but very little resolution, so the arc feels incomplete.  It could have sustained another issue, easily.  Ellis does a decent job, but it does feel different than the Whedon Run. 

The team does suffer from being written as dark and edgy but at the same time, it makes sense based on what all they have been through.  A whole team of wolverines just isn't as fun as just having the one.  The portrayal of Beast was the one that felt the most odd.  Cyclops strangely worked as it came off as him just posing as being tougher and edgier.  Armor might have been the strongest (no pun intended) character in this arc.  She is funny and a bit naive. 

Overall, it wasn't a bad few issues and I look forward to checking out volume 6


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check this out. I just finished Whedon's 4 volumes of this so it will be interesting to see the differences in style.

Budd said...

it is worth a look, and I will be continuing with the series.