Monday, May 16, 2011

STS-134: The TRUTH

As a nerd, I know a lot of people that are boo-hoo-hoo-ing and getting all misty eyed about this week’s STS-134, otherwise known as the final flight of the space shuttle Endeavour. Now, I’m not too sad to see the shuttle fleet get retired – I mean, imagine if you had to drive around in your uncle’s souped up Chevy Nova. Pretty sweet to start, but after 30 years? That’s a lot of miles under the hood.

Anyway, like any good story that comes to an end, NASA is saving the best for last – or nearly last. You see, today squid have been launched into space.

I mean, that might be the coolest squid-related news since… well, that might be the coolest squid related news. Period.

Squids. In. Space.

Release the... oh, nevermind...

I know I know, the “purpose” of the “experiment” being conducted this week is to examine the effects of microgravity on the assimilation of a bacterial symbiont. But really, don’t you have to ask the question of why one would have to test a squid’s organismal development in zero gravity? Last time I checked squids don’t do so well outside of the ocean, right?

Well – I would think the answer is plain enough. THE SQUID ARE MOVING ON TO THE STARS! I mean, don’t the classic “rocketships” from the early 20th century look an awful lot like squids?!?!? Obviously, they (and their human minions conspirators) have been paving the way for their extraterrestrial colonization for years – and now they’re enacting their tentacular plan.


My only guess is that sometime in the future – weeks, years, millennia (time may be meaningless to space-squids) – they will return. And what will they want? What is their ultimate squiddish plan?

Coming to a future near you

Well, do you think it’s an accident that this week’s experiment is about assimilation?!!?!?



Pixie said...

Neat post.

Car Title Loans said...

I just hope squids don't from the sky and try and eat us up. I think it's smart for them, because space kind of is like the middle of the ocean for me. Or at least, the lack of gravity is. The problem- what about the oxygen?

Kal said...

I am going to steal this information from you for a future post. I pretty much feel I have been telling EVERYONE about the evil cephalopods for years now and FINALLY you drones are finally learning what I knew all along. Anything with tentacles is EVIL. They spent every waking second of their lives plotting ways to kill you and everyone you love. They gossip and catch be trusted with matches, ESPECIALLY the waterproff kind. Welcome to the revolution brother - we WILL defeat them if we have to drain all the oceans to do it.