Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here I sit, attempting to watch episode 7 of game of thrones one week early on HBOgo.  I get a loading screen only.  I try other episodes with the same result.  I try different shows with the same result.  This is an HBOgo account that I get pretty good use out of.  I have Vios fiberoptics 25/25.  But still, nothing. 

I think HBO wanted to test their servers and see how much traffic they could handle.  By promoting a one week early sneak peak episode of their hit new show, They knew they would get a lot of response.

So here I sit with no game of thrones.  *sigh*

*update- Half an hour later and the site won't even load. 


Nicolai said...

The server exploded.... This sucks.

Anonymous said...

it is not on tonight,sunday26th of juin