Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Gift Guide for the Geeky Dad

Maybe a Blake Lively picture would be better
This year the stars have aligned to make this one easy.  You don't have to hit stores or order online; you don't even have to pick out a color.  This year for Father's day, Take your dad to the movies.  You have choices:  In theaters this weekend there is a movie about pirates, three comic book movies, JJ Abrams' Super 8 and a movie about penguins.  Okay, so don't take your dad to the penguin movie.

Take your dad to one or more of these.  Get him some heavily salted and buttered popcorn, some twizzlers, and a soda so big that he misses part of the movie due to having to use the bathroom.  The most important part, go with him.  Don't just tell him he has the day to himself and send him to the theater. Go with him and enjoy the movie(s).  Because time with you is what he really treasures.  No, actually he appreciates when you take an interest in things he likes. 

Of course if you wanted to throw some power tools or electronics in on top, I am sure your dad wouldn't complain.  And, if you are taking him to see Green Lantern, you might as well get him a power ring

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DEZMOND said...

to which film were you taken to, then? :)