Thursday, June 02, 2011

Flash Gordon (1980)- Movie with the Girls

I watched this movie on Saturday morning with my 6 year old.  We were the only ones up and I noticed it was on.  I asked her if she had seen it and she said that shed didn't remember it if she had.  So I turned it on, because she just had to see this movie.

A little back ground.  I remember watching the movie as a kid.  I have nothing but fond memories of the movie and the theme song by Queen.  I remember wanting to be a hawkman so bad.  I wanted my daughter to experience these things.

I don't hold any illusions that this is, technically, a  good movie.  The acting, for the most part, is horrible and the dialog that was written is straight out of the pulps from the 30's.  Bad acting mixed with bad dialogue equals bad movie in most cases.  For some reason, it works in this film.  The film is just so much fun, especially if you are a kid or first experienced the film as a child.  This movie knows exactly what it is what it is trying to be and it works because of that.

So, how does a six year old little girl respond to a movie that is about thirty years older than her.  She was skeptical at first.  It took her a half an hour to get into it, but once Ming the Merciless shows up, she was sold.  By the end she was laughing and cheering.  She also loved Voultan.

As an adult with several years since my last viewing, I think the movie is as much fun as ever.  The script isn't horrible and it is hidden under a lot of camp.  Although Aura is now 56 years old, I have a complete crush on her.  I still enjoy the movie to this day and would likely sit through it again if my six year old wanted to watch it again and/or her sister wants to refresh her memory of it.

It was a bonding moment and anytime she sees that movie in the future, she will remember waking up early one morning and watching it with me while everyone else is asleep.  The movie goes up in my esteem for this reason alone. 


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DEZMOND said...

it's my favourite space opera, and every kid should watch it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Flash Gordan is good, cheesy fun! Saw it as a teen and still enjoy it.

Ross said...

I only saw this for the first time last year. It was fun, but I kept hoping for more. I think I'm getting past the stage in my life where cult classics make such a big impression on me. That makes me a little sad...