Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Quiz- Cartoon Shows

This week's category:  Cartoon Shows
Next week's category:  Video Games

Double Jeopardy Round

Watch out kids, BEHIND YOU!!!
$400-  The protagonists on this show came from Thundara.
$800-  This Decepticon was a composite of the constructicons.
$1200-  In Voltron, this is the Lion that formed the head.
$1600-  He is able to transform into a cybornetic being by giving the command "Blathering Blatherskite."
$2000- This show had Dinosaurs coming to Earth in a battle against the Tyrannos


nickyp said...

This was a tough one! $400- What is Thundercats (ho!) and that's the only one I know.

How about this for a final Jeopardy question...

This 80's cartoon featured an alien gypsy with the last name of Pokipsi.

Budd said...

I had to look that one up. I watched the show some, but don't think I ever watched the cartoon.

DarkShinobi said...

$400- Who are the Thundercats?
$800- Who is Devastator?
$1200- What is the Black Lion?
$1600- Who is Fenton Crackshell?
$2000- What is The Dinosaucers?

Budd said...

Nick $400.

Dark Shinobi: on fire with his first entry to $6,000.