Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Death Race-A to Z challenge


There comes a time in every year that you just want to see a Jason Statham movie or 3.  That bug hit me due to catching the tale end of transporter 2.  So I watched crank 2 and that was horrible, so I checked out Death Race.  This is a remake of a Corman flick from back when Corman hadn't completely sold out.  Yes, there was a time.  His stuff was still low budget but it was higher quality "B" stuff. 
Anyway on to the Death Race movie.  Was it Statham playing Statham?  Yes!  Was he driving cars in a silly yet exciting manner?  Yes!  For the ladies:  Does he take his shirt off?  Yes!  Was the movie predictable?  Yes!  Did I enjoy it?  OH HECK YEAH!  It was just what I wanted (shirtless is take it or leave it, but...).  Statham knows his audience and he has fun doing what he does.  


Anne K. Albert said...

He does deliver...but he needs to bring something new to the table. Eye candy is lovely...but it gets boring and quickly!

Matthew Vanacore said...

At its core, it was an entertaining film. And Statham has fast become one of my favorite actions stars. Loved him in Snatch!

Hannah Kincade said...

I've always wondered about Death Race. I love me a good action flick.

Arlee Bird said...

Haven't seen this one or the original. I'll have to check my Netflix queue.

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Sarah Mäkelä said...

I love Jason Statham. I really enjoyed Death Race too. Yeah, Crank 2 wasn't that great, but I thought it was better than the first one. Still, I'd watch almost anything if it has him in it.


Bz said...

aww I love him too, especially in Transporter :) Nice to meet you through the challenge! :)