Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Equilibrium-A to Z Challenge

Before he was Batman or John Connor, Christian Bale was John Preston.  Preston lives in a world were having emotion is illegal and surpressed by drugs.  He is an enforcer of this law, a Grammaton Cleric, who is trained in the battle discipline of gun kata.  You probably haven't heard of or seen this movie.  While it isn't great it is pretty darn good and worth a watch for the action alone. 
If you thought that the world of Fahrenheit 451 just wasn't bleak enough, you should get a kick out this movie.  IMDB states that the character of John Preston kills 118 out of 236 people in the movie.  This ranks him as 3rd in deaths caused by a single character. 


Monti said...

Sounds like something that could happen in a world of the future. I would hate to see so many characters killed off.

Thanks for your post.


TS Hendrik said...

That final showdown where he goes through the building...

Man I love that movie.

Anonymous said...

I own this one; good stuff!

DEZMOND said...

this is another of my top ten best films ever :) Love everything about it, except Emily Watson. She was seriously miscast in that role.
It's interesting that I haven't noticed that he killed so many people in the film.