Thursday, April 12, 2012

Really Zazzle, Really?

I got an email from online shirt print shop zazzle that one of my shirts was being taken down.  This was due to copyright issues.  The shirt was a text only shirt stating that Jubilee was my Kitty Pryde.  Long time readers will remember that by getting into the x-men in the late 80s/early 90s, I had a huge crush on Wolverine’s sidekick, Jubilee.  People from the early 80s all seem to have had crushes on Wolverine’s sidekick, Kitty Pryde.  I am sure current crushes are on Armor or some such.  It is pretty much just like Doctor Who and his companions.  Everyone is in love with the companion they came on board with… oh… and the jungle girl.  I mean, I went back and read those Kitty issues, but didn’t have the same reaction, I doubt I would currently have the same reaction to Jubi either.  Hisako is cute and witty, but she is just a clone to me.  Wolvi needed a female teenage sidekick and along she came. 
So anyway, that shirt is no longer available as selling it would be profiting off of Marvel’s license and not my profound observation.  Although I don’t know anyone named Kitty Pryde, I do know a Jubi Lee and I am sure that a Kitty Pryde exists, it is a shame that they will never be able to sell shirts with their names on them. 
I never sold the shirt, but do hope that some people were able to see the design in the two years it was up and gain the same profound revelation that I did. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry the shirt had to come down. Better than a lawsuit I guess.

Budd said...

I think what I did falls under fair use as it was only the names and no images and would not have impacted Disney financially at all.

The Angry Lurker said...

I did prefer Jubilee, she was feisty!

Budd said...

now that she is a vampire, she is doubly fiesty, that and Logan's blood transfusions giving her some of his more likeable personality traits.