Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Quiz-Doctor Who

$200-  Stephen Mophet intrduced us to these crying statues in the episode Blink (one of the best hours in television history in my opinion)
$400-  This is the name of the Doctor's current female Companion. 
$600-  He played the 10th doctor (my favorite). 
$800-  She was the first companion of the new series.
$1000-  River Song was introduced in this episode. 

Good Luck Everyone. 


Anonymous said...

S200 - the weeping angels
S400- Amelia Pond
S600- the TEN was TENNANT
S800- the Chav billie pipper, aka Rose
S1000- Silence in the Library

More please

here's some:
1. What is the real secret behind the TARDIS 'whoosh' sound?
2. How many Time Lords does it take to properly fly a TARDIS (trick question)
3. How many copies of Lord Doctor exist in the universe (again trick question)

The Angry Lurker said...

I take it anonymous is right?

Pixie said...

I adore the Doctor so much!! Anonymous seems to be right.

C R Ward said...

Dang! I'm too late for this. Anonymous got them right.

Doctor Who rocks! And the best doctor of all was Tom Baker! :-P

Pat Tillett said...

Totally struck out here. When the series was new, it wasn't available where I lived.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you. In the double gangers episode who out of the Doctor Who crew is cloned and who isn't?