Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Secret Invasion-NCCW

They invaded for our Ice Cream. 
Marvel's Secret Invasion follows the Civil War storyline and has the Skrulls attacking Earth while its superheroes are at war with each other.  It is unclear how long they have been amongst us, but it has been at least for a few years, some possibly longer. 

This story plays with continuity somewhat.  some of those characters that you thought were dead and returned are actually scrulls.  From Civil War we know that Steve Rodgers dies, but Captain America arriving on the scene in Secret Invasion makes you wonder if he is a Skrull.  Okay, so knowing what I know, I knew the answer, but you know, if you read things in order, it would be interesting. 
The cast is mainly the Avengers, Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four, Sheild, Young Avengers, and skrulls, lots and lots of skrulls.  While having such a large cast is problematic for character developement, it looks as though important character points occur in this book to be further explored later.  The art was good, but with so many characters it was easy to get lost in what was happening. 
Marvel does use this as an oppurtunity to kill off a character.  I won't spoil which one, but one, that is right, only one during a mass invasion of skrulls, character dies.  The skrulls must be total wimps or just secretly kind hearted to have not killed anyone up to that point.  It is a big deal with the other characters, but I am not sure why they got so upset about a character dying in a war.  They should have thanked their lucky stars that the skrulls are incompitent and that it was only just one. 
At the end, we get the reason for the invasion and it looks like that story was probably spun off into Fantastic Four or Avengers for a conclusion.  Overall, it wasn't a bad book.  It wrapped Civil War fairly nicely. 


Max Silver said...

I dunno...I really liked Civil War, and I kind of felt this was a cop-out of an ending for it, personally.

Budd said...

I liked the concept in Civil War, but it went on for a little too long. They were obviously going to end the whole registration thing and this is probably as good a way as any to go about it.

I do think Wolverine could have smelled a skrull imposter a mile away.