Monday, November 14, 2011

The Noughties

I would normally link to Dave Wrote This instead of giving the URL of, but alas I am updating from work due to lack of proper planning on my part.  The image would also normally by hyperlinked and probably will get that treatment in the near future.  Enough excuses from me; on to the list. 
I will be listing what I believe was the best Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror film or book  for each year. 
2000-  You know Pitch Black came out of nowhere to be way cooler than a really cool, waited for it all my life X-Men movie, Fantasy would be Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and over in Japan a little movie called Ju On was making waves in the horror genre.    Book-I Think A Deepness in the Sky just slips past Cryptonomicon.
2001-  Donnie Darko fits all categories on movie, special mention to Spirited Away.    Book-  I am tempted to give it Martin and his Song of Ice and Fire entry, but Clarke gets an honorary for 2001 here. 
2002-  Equilibrium, is the Sci-Fi film of the year, but look for Imposter as well. Fantasy- LOTR; TTT.  Horror Bubba Hotep.  Book-  I think American Gods does a pretty good job representing this year.
2003-  Not a great year, But X2 tops the list for SciFi.  Fantasy-Big Fish, hands down.  Horror-It wasn’t an awesome year hear and I have not seen Wrong Turn, but that is considered the best on offer.  Books-I say you go with Kiln People by David Brin. 
2004-  Spiderman 2, but I almost went with Eternal Sunshine… or Butterfly Effect.  Fantasy-  House of Flying Daggers.  Horror-  Goes to the Dawn of the Dead Remake and special guest star of Infection a Japanese movie.  Book- Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, hands down. 
2005-  Serenity.  Fantasy-Mirror Mask.  Horror- The Descent.  Book-HP Half Blood Prince, but I am reading Never Let Me Go right now, so…
2006-  Children of Men, Fantasy- Pan’s Labyrinth, Horror- The Host (Korean).  Book  Old Man’s War, by John Scalzi
2007-  The Last Mimzy.  Fantasy-300, pure awesome.  Horror-Grindhouse double feature.    Book-World War Z, Max Brooks. 
2008-  It wasn’t Tokyo Gore Police, but might be Iron Man.  Fantasy-The Tale of Despereaux.  Horror-Let the Right One In.  Book-. Anathem, Neal Stephenson
2009- Moon.  Fantasy-The Lovely Bones.  Horror-Drag Me to Hell but also watch The Orphan.  Book- The Wind Up Girl, Bacigalupi, really the best book of the year, in my opinion. 
Hope you enjoyed the list.  I haven’t seen or read everything and welcome your input on glaring omissions. 


Dave said...

I love how thorough this is.

Moon is on my list too. I love X-Men, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, X2, Serenity and Children Of Men as well. I've been meaning to read American Gods, thanks for the recommendation...

Dave Wrote This

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thought about Grindhouse, but couldn't quite put that on a favorites list.

iZombie said...

your list is loaded with some great stufff... gore, tim buton, potter... and more. great break down.

totally on board with 98%!


M.J. Fifield said...

Yay, Serenity!!!

Also loved Big Fish and Eternal Sunshine. Great films.

Rhonda said...

I am more of a humor movie fan, so my list is all funny movies. No over lap between ours.

S. L. Hennessy said...

Wow, I completely forgot about Donnie Darko and Pitch Black on my list. Great choices!

Donna Hole said...

Donnie Darko was almost on my list; but it was a bit freaky even for my style. The only Johnny Depp movie that I totally can't get into though is Sweeney Todd.

So many I like here, but new introductions also.

You know; if you decide to write a review of Old Man's War I'd read it. I think that's on my TBR list. Or, maybe I'm thinking of No Country for Old Men. Which is on my book shelf or still in a box . .

I'm having fun reading through some of your blog posts Budd; thanks for visiting and introducing yourself :)


Tasha Seegmiller said...

I really wanted to see Lovely Bones, but couldn't get over the dropped plot lines that I loved in the book.

Great list!