Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Making of: Icarus & Daedalus: 1st short story, Part 2.

Having second thoughts about Robin Hood mode. In cyberpunk/urban fantasy, setting in our surveillance society it would be very difficult to perform Robin Hoodish activities without anonymity like Zorro. I think I may have to come up with less controversial day job to counter the all-surrounding danger of attacking the rich and powerful. These two aren’t all powerful and the rich (their targets) can afford the best science and magic, as both are publicly available.

Contemplating, giving them Zorro identities of Red and Blue Oni. They would wear practical black helmets/body armor and if unmasked have face paint ala Chinese Opera to distract from their features and voice modulators to reduce VR.

Hmm. Not sure this is a good idea. Will this get too deeply James Bond/Mission Impossible?


I just thought about Casanova Quinn from Casanova comics. I’m doing high action; maybe I’m flipping out too much about level realism within a cyberpunk/UF setting. This brings in some Illuminatus Trilogy thoughts, but don’t want to wander too astray, just a dang short story for now.

In addition, most jobs can be done without need to declare it Robin Hooding. They can be selective about targets/jobs and after they liquidate loot into cash, they can donate anonymously to causes. They can reserve Red/Blue Oni strikes to non-profitable demonstration moves. This way they can merely appear to be selective criminals. I think I’m onto something.


I’m going to commit to the idea despite reservations and see how far I can go with it.

SOP for sneaky missions is that Icarus does sneaky/undercover work while Daedalus monitors and helps as best he can. Daedalus also can act as the cavalry in combat.



Born and raised on the streets of Optimus by his single mother, a transplant from Mississippi. Got in/out of trouble by getting into Parkour. Petty street criminal for years. Joins Schwa Balice’s cat burglar crew, going into higher tech and magical techniques. Higher-grade jobs. Learns Criminal/Law Enforcement subculture of Optimus. Ogun Thoth (character I already developed) becomes Icarus’ Sheelba. Jail stint for daring robbery on Hugo Lamb of Mondrian Industries.


Grew up in working class suburbs of Atlanta, child of 2 teachers. Scholarship to Optimus Magic School. Learns magical subculture of Optimus. Taken in by Mage-Mentor. Discovered radical L-wing politics/activism, radical mentor becomes Daedalus’ Ningauble. Jail stint for illegal activism against Hugo Lamb of Mondrian Industries.


They met in jail, Daedalus quietly radicalizing Icarus. Icarus providing some fun. After talking, they discover they both feel wronged by Hugo Lamb. Revenge via Robin Hooding proposed by Icarus. Accepted.

Daedalus is released first, Icarus second. Daedalus has established crappy job, and crappy apartment, while doing legwork. Icarus arrived later applauded Daedalus’ work, but with his connections, he can do it up faster and better.

Need fast money to upgrade for full revenge. Decide to do minor hit on Mondrian Industries, enough for money but not too many problems. Working on bigger plan to harass Hugo Lamb. Feeling Monte Cristo-ish.

REMEMBER: Need at least one contact for illegal equipment of the techie kind and magical the magical kind.
REMEMBER: Need at least one source (outside of Daedalus, Icarus and their mentors) of jobs.

Most of today’s session was like pulling teeth and most of the ideas I liked happened in bits and pieces after lunch hour was over. Sentence here and there during afternoon workday. I like the direction.



Pat Tillett said...

I wish I had enough imagination to come up with even a fraction of that.

Nick said...

Well thanks. We'll see if I pull off the ideas or if it just comes out like crap.

Budd said...

I have read exactly one story with parkour in it. it does work on paper. I think when you do those scenes, you will need to describe the obstacles and then how they are tackled. In other words you really have to paint that in full detail.