Wednesday, January 25, 2012

X-Men Schism

It isn’t every Wednesday that I can tell you that you should be reading an X-men comic.  This one is pretty good and if you haven’t picked up an issue of X-Men in a few years, it is a great place to catch up.  These are professor x-less X-men.  I think ole chuck is off on his honeymoon/retirement in the Shi’ar or something, but he hasn’t been running the show for a while.  Running the show would be Emma(white queen) via Scott(Cyclops).  Scott thinks he is in charge though. 
With around 200 mutants left on Earth, Scott sees Mutants on the verge of extinction and feels the need to protect mutant interest.  This sets the framework for Schism.  Wolverine starts getting all mentory on new girl and doesn’t like how Scott is running things.  When the new girl is very nonchalant about taking a life at 14 years old, Wolverine snaps and decides that kids should be allowed to be kids. 
I have always liked Logan and mostly always hated Scott.  I think I am in the majority with that sentiment.  Scott is just too type A for me, and for a guy that uncontrollably shoots a force beam out of his eyes, the writers and Scott himself seem to think of Scott as all powerful and God’s gift to mutantdom.  Wolverine, who they have pretty much made all powerful, is a lot more grounded.  Must be the age difference. 
Anyway, Schism was a pretty good story and had really good artwork.  As much as I love to hate Emma, I love to see her drawn well.  It was fairly well paced and the story had real implications and touched on philosophical ideals.  In other words it wasn’t just mindless battle scenes and Scott and Logan didn’t just shake and make up at the end.  This is the title that ended the Uncanny run(Uncanny was the longest running monthly title until that point, a distinction it held for exactly one month). Not to worry I am sure all the Marvel and DC numbering will revert back in due time. 
If you have been away from the x-books for a while, you should probably pick up Schism and check out what is going on.   


MRanthrope said...

I haven't picked up a new X-Men comic in years. Still love these characters though.

Pat Tillett said...

I'll be taking a look at this one. I wonder if our family friend did the inks on it...