Thursday, October 03, 2013

Oblivian-Movie Review (2013)

Wow, quite surprised by this movie. Wasn't really expecting much. I mean, I heard it was better than After Earth, but that doesn't really ring as an endorsement. Two scientologist step into the box office with post apocolyptic stories and Tom Cruise steps out as the box office winner.

This is a long movie, but it doesn't feel long. I looked at the clock towards the end and was stunned that I had already been sitting there for two hours. It isn't a Michael Bay film, so there isn't something exploding and/or giving you a seizure every five minutes. The amazingly beautiful sets and locations are given plenty of screen time for the viewer get lost in.

The plot, although a retread of some other movies felt fresh and approached differently. This movie requires your attention to watch it and get what is going on. My wife was preoccupied and had millions of questions at the end of the movie that I had to explain.

I thought it was great and if you love scifi movies, you will enjoy it. Someone on IMDB stated that millenials shouldn't watch it because they wont appreciate it and it won't keep their attention. Oddly there was no arguement from anyone in that thread. First time ever for an internet thread. I don't know if I agree, My 12.5 year old was enjoying it until she had to go to bed and she will likely finish it up on her own. But maybe my millenial isn't the typical millenial.

***Here there be spoilers*** So the movie stuck in my mind after watching it. I was still thinking about it the next morning. I came to the conclusion that Victoria's memory wasn't as impaired as Jack's. The way she looks at Jack's wife in the sleeping pod and then totally flirts with him as his navigator/co-pilot shows that there is jealousy. She also seems to recognize her when Jack brings her in. My theory is that she remembered more, but knew that she could never be with Jack any other way. Even in their current states the relationship was very onesided with Jack remaining distant. I thought this was communicated very well. Victoria was willing to live a lie and doom humanity as long as she got to be with Jack. What do you think?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I had the same reaction - it was much better than I anticipated. And smarter. It is a mash of a lot of other movies, but it mixed them well. Was definitely a DVD purchase.

mshatch said...

I concur. This is a movie I would like in my collection.

SteveB said...

I've heard this was pretty good -- better than expected. Probably a game of lowered expectations. Will definitely watch

StuartOhQueue said...

I was also pleasantly surprised by this movie. It wasn't anything spectacular - mostly sci-fi retread - but I have a hard time hitting it with too much criticism. "Oblivion" is definitely watchable.