Monday, April 04, 2011

Cell Spoiler Free Book Review-A to Z Challenge

Cell: A NovelI went into cell knowing nothing about the book except that it was by Stephen King.  Imaging my surprise when I saw that the book was dedicated to George Romero and Richard Matheson.  I knew exactly what kind of book it was going to be at that point. 

Plot-  This is a survivor's tale.  I am unsure why survivors feel the need to travel, I mean for one character it is obvious why he wants to walk across two states, but the others made me wonder.  The story borrows from The Stand somewhat, which is okay because The Stand was an excellent book and very well done.  The Stand was better though.  Not sure that the book has aged well.  Cell phones are so different now then they were upon the writing of this book.  The story does start off lightening fast and then slows down into a strolling past and then kind of rushes to the finish.  Of course the ending will leave you guessing. 

Characters-  There is a comic book writer/illustrator, a religion hating gay guy, and a teenage girl that knows about Neal Stephenson (I strongly doubt that this is possible).  Not completely stereotypical yet they completely are.  We don't really get to know the characters all that well.  This story is plot driven and we get reactions of the characters but no real characterization.  In other words, you won't feel connected to these characters. 

Overall-  It was entertaining.  I have read better King and I have read better survivor tales, I have read better King survivor tales.  It isn't bad.  This book was about the idea and I get that, but I wish he would have fleshed it out a bit more.  It may have added a couple of hundred more pages, but it would have been a better book.  Kingophiles will have read this arlready,  but for everyone else I say you aren't missing anything by passing it up, but it is somewhat entertaining. 


Laura M. Campbell said...

Thanks for the review. I'm new to the Kingosphere. My first was Rose Madder and I loved it. The second was Cujo for a book club. Not too bad, but was expecting to hate the dog. Instead I felt for his rabies infected demise. Currently, I'm reading his non-fiction, On Writing. Good luck with the challenge.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the review I might pick it up but what are some of the king novels your recommend more?


Budd said...

Some of King's best work are his short stories and novellas. Night Shift is a good collection, so is four past midnight. As for novels, Salems Lot, The Stand, and Pet Semetary.

C R Ward said...

Definitely not as good as The Stand, but far and away better than Insomnia (that one was miss-named, it put me right to sleep!)

Ju Dimello said...

Thanks for the review :) I always think a lot before picking up a Stephen King!

Following you from A-Z challenge!

Austin James said...

I enjoyed this book. It's actually one I want to re-read sometime this year... I loved The Stand... and generally like horror / zombie type books and movies though.