Friday, April 30, 2010

Supernatural 5.20

*spoiler free*
Episode 5.20 was a pretty good episode that moves the mythology along well.  The demon Crowley makes an appearance and the boys are forced to trust him to try and stop Lucifer. 

The boys now know of a possible way to stop Lucifer and the keys lie with stopping Death and Pestilence first.  As a 6th season was just announced and only a few episodes left this year, I am betting that the actual plan to get lucifer won't take affect until next season. 

Sam is looking to show others that he has some self control.  And an unknown demon from his past puts him to the test.  It looks like some sort of deal might be in the works.

Overall, the episode was good and brought Crowley back in as a key player for at least a couple of episodes.  Castiel didn't make an appearance.  Matt Frewer (Eureka, Lawnmower Man 2) is back as Pestilence.  The previews for next week look good.   

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