Friday, May 14, 2010

Chuck and V Renewed

Chuck: The Complete Third SeasonAccording to Flick Cast.  Chuck and V have been renewed for an additional season.  Flash Forward did not make the cut however and will be cancelled.

Chuck is a whole lot of fun, but I am not sure how much further it can go.  I mean he seemingly has the girl at this point.  That usually kills a show.

V is okay.  Maybe it is better than that, but how do you follow Lost.  By the time I am done watching Lost, I am usually done with TV for the night.  I remember watching the original V as a kid.  I loved it.  Kids like reptile masquarading as people, maybe they are airing the show in the wrong timeslot and are trying to do to much with a simple concept. 

Flash Forward was up against too much to even get looked at.  Same time slot as The Office and as Supernatural.  I don't really know what else comes on in that time slot because those two shows have my full attention. 


SteveB said...

I loved the concept and first few eps of "Flash Forward" -- sadly for me, the writers couldn't keep that moving in a good direction -- it just got too soap opera-y. Talk about a missed opportunity.

As for "V", despite my love for Juliet, I mean, Elizabeth Mitchell, this show was a little too ham-fisted. I've heard it's improved, so maybe we'll catch it on DVD from where we left off.

Budd said...

Ham fisted is a good word for it. I like juliet as well. She is very pretty but not in an over the top type way.