Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost Recap: Across the Sea

Lost: The Complete Sixth And Final SeasonLost was excellent last night. We finally find out the origin of Jacob and the man in black (still no name though). There were no flash sideways or even current events on the island. This was an origin episode.

Spoilers after the Jump

Last night we learned that the man in black is actually Jacob’s brother. Their mother was shipwrecked on the island and was speaking Latin. She was found by a strange woman on the island and was helped to deliver Jacob. Surprised, another baby was born also. She had only picked one name, so we do not learn the second child’s name. Jacob was quiet and swathed in light cloth. MIB was swathed in dark cloth and was screaming his head off. The strange woman proceeds to smash in the head of the twins’ mother. She then becomes the mother of the boys.

MIB, it turns out, is her favorite. Jacob is incapable of telling lies. She does something (left unexplained) to make it so the brothers can never kill each other. She shows them a cave of souls. Well maybe not souls, but warm comforting light that every man has a little bit inside. She tells the boys that if mankind ever gets the light it will try and use it and that is bad. Come on lost it is too late in the series for new mysteries.

MIB wants to leave from childhood. The strange woman won’t let him. Then his mother appears to him as a ghost and lets him know about the people living on the island. MIB joins them. Jacob is upset that his brother is leaving. They stay close but Strange Woman will only speak to him once more.

MIB tells Jacob he has found a way to get off of the island. Jacob then blabs to the strange woman. She confronts MIB, tells him she is sorry and smashes his head against the rocks in a well (MIB is responsible for the wells and the donkey wheel. The strange woman than proceeds to fill in the well and raze the village to the ground, killing everyone. MIB awakens, sees the destruction and then returns to the strange woman and kills her. Jacob walks up as MIB is cradling the Strange Woman’s freshly dead body in his arms and goes crazy and drags MIB to the cave of lights. He then beats him to a pulp and sends him into the light. The light extinguishes, Smokey comes out cave, and Jacob lays MIB and the strange woman’s body to rest in a cave (adam and eve).

The end. We never find out who the strange lady is and why she was guarding the island. She even states at some point that by answering questions it will only lead to more questions. But, I get the feeling that the island has always been protected and will always be protected. The protectors pass on the mantle as they become exhausted with it.

MIB was painted in a light that made you feel his pain. He never wanted to be there. He is human and wants to live amongst people, but the strange woman killed his mom and kept him there as a candidate. He was killed/transformed by his brother in a moment of rage. The kid he keeps seeing in the woods is Jacob as a child. Questions were answered last night but questions were raised as well. A lot of these questions will go unanswered. 3.5hrs left.

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SteveB said...

I thought this was a really excellent episode and one that we've been waiting for for a loooong time.

I think rather purposefully leave us hanging, I think they were specifically vague about some of the aspects (where'd the "mother" come from? How could she make Jacob near immortal...etc) so as not to get all "midiclorian" on us.

I think they'll let us fill in the remaining blanks than get into super-detailed exposition.