Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kick Ass Vol.1 review

Kick-AssI haven't seen the movie yet, but I just finished volume 1 of the comic.  I am going to say that it was pretty good.  Not your normal superhero book in the slightest.  That might be because no one really has superpowers.  They are all a bunch of geeky Batmans.  Well, without the money. 

This comic is so not for kids.  It is totally completely violent, in the most violent of ways.  It so put the graphic into graphic novel.  There are also some adult situations and imagery that kids might not need to see.  Actually, I was reading this on the train and found myself having to cover some of the art from potentially prying eyes of other commuters. 

The story was pretty good.  The idea isn't completely original, but is very fresh.  The book knows what inspires it and other geeks and references that material.  In a way it almost seemed like a giant in joke. 

Overall it was pretty good and I recommend it, just not for kids. 


TS Hendrik said...

Good comic, fantastic movie. Incredibly violent, but pretty outstanding.

Budd said...

not something I should have been reading on the subway. Several times I had to cover panels with my hand.