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Suck it Wonder Woman- Book Review

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This is a memoir by Olivia Munn.  It is also a flip book.  It is a very light hearted book and is a very quick read.  This is in part due to the large type and wide margins.  Not sure that the book fits the memoir genre for me.  More along the lines of random stuff with some antecdotes thrown in. 

The only real reason to do a memoir is to name names and tell people about your life.  She names Evander Holyfield, but you are left to speculate who she is referring to in the other antecdotes.  She doesn't really give you much about her life except a great chapter in the middle of the book where she talks about her Grandmother's death. 

I don't think she had a ghost writer.  She had a co writer, but I don't know how much he did.  If he did a lot he isn't very good.  Maybe he did that one chapter that was really good.  I think this was just her writing stuff that she thought was going to be fun.  It is very conversational.  There are filler pages that consist of Tweets of Princess Leia and Olivia's romantic advice.  These felt out of place in the book and seem to come up at random. 

As a casual fan of Olivia Munn, this book didn't satisfy me.  I was less interested in her trying to be funny and more interested learning about her life.  I know a little more than I did before, but I got that off of wikipedia.  The book just wasn't satisfying.  I am positive that she is smarter than she plays on TV, but this book didn't show me that. 

While some of it was entertaining the book kind of fell flat.  I could have done with a lot less of her talking about how she isn't hot or skinny or how she doesn't fit the Hollywood mold.  She does.  I would give this book a 3 and it isn't for kids to language and adult situations and humor.

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