Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clash of the Titans: A Comparison

Medusa from Clash of the Titans.Image via Wikipedia
I have watched the two versions of Clash of the Titans, not back to back, but within a week or so of each other. I will attempt to compare and contrast the two movies.

Accuracy- Neither movie is historically accurate and take several liberties with Greek Mythology. Some are okay with this as Greek Mythology is constantly contradicting itself. The more recent incarnation has the burden of being accurate to the first movie. It isn’t. . . at all, which is strange, seeing how the original was quite well loved. They both get failing marks for accuracy, but I don’t think either even tried.

Graphics- You know what? I prefer the claymation of the original to the slick CG of the remake. They were able to make everything smoother and shinier, but I think the herky jerkyness and roughness of the monsters added to the original. Hands down the new movie had better graphics, but I don’t think it helped the movie.

Acting- They were both lacking in this even though they both had some heavyweights. This isn’t a movie that you go to see the actors act. It is an action movie. It looked as though a lot of people weren’t even trying on the new one. The old wins because people were taking themselves seriously.

Story- The new one finally gets a win here. They made an attempt at a coherent storyline. The original just kind of picked Perseus up and puts him down in situation after situation. I am not saying that the new story was good, but it made a bit more sense than the original. I mean, the Greek legend still made the most sense.

Charm- This is where the original separates itself. It had loads of charm. It was iconic and daring. The new movie was almost boring, and that is the cardinal sin for an action movie.

Babes- Another win for the remake as Io was drop dead gorgeous. I have not seen Gemma Atterton in enough movies, but I like.

The winner is the original by a landslide in my book. Let me know if you disagree and why in the comments.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Original wins in my book as well. It had heart - the remake was empty and void. I didn't like the storyline in the remake, either.

Kal said...

The original is a camp classic with lots to enjoy. I am surpried how well it holds up after all these years.

I hated the first on when I first saw it but on my second viewing I like is a whole lot more.

I liked the scene where they were chosing weapons in the armory and found the little mechanical owl from the first one.

I also really like Mads Mikkelsen as Draco, leader of the Praetorian Guard. I enjoyed how he gave Persius grief all the way on their curse.

And the scene with Medussa was very well done. She scared the hell out of me.

SteveB said...

I haven't seen the remake yet -- but I think it looked dull. Just another action-FX piece (the most recent Robin Hood makes me feel the same way).

I enjoyed the original for all its clunkiness. Perseus was a strange hero, because it seemed like he was always screwing up, but then finally got it right.

Budd said...

@Alex-Yes it had Heart

@Cal-the secondary characters were better than the stars. I liked the brothers.

@Steve-I won't recommend it, but I won't discourage viewing of it.