Friday, October 22, 2010

Horror Quiz part 2

All answers must be in the form of a question, answer in the comments, and no cheating.  First person with the most correct answers will get a SciFi Media "no prize" button to display on their website. 

1.  This indie horror film was shot in Tennessee and launched Bruce Campbell's career.

2.  This entity was the star of the film An American Haunting, inspired The Blair Witch Project, and was witnessed by President Andrew Jackson.

3.  The killer in the first Friday the 13th movie was not Jason, but this character.

4.  Ridley Scott teamed up with Sigourney Weaver to make this SciFi horror classic. 

5.  "Don't go into the corn" was the tagline for this 80's Stephen King adaption. 

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

1 - What is Evil Dead?
2 - What is a witch?
3 - Who is his mother?
4 - What is Alien?
5 - What is Children of the Corn?

Budd said...

alex- Can you specify which Witch?

SteveB said...

1. What is "The Evil Dead"?
2. What is the Bell Witch?
3. Who is Jason's mom?
4. What is "Alien"?
5. What is "Children of the Corn"?

Finally one where I think I know them all!

Budd said...

Stay tuned for the final horror quiz on Friday. It will be harder, but not impossible.

nickyp said...

That Bell Witch bit reminded me of 2 things- Remember I lived in Springfield which is less than ½ an hour south of Adams where the Bell Witch stories come from. A friend of mine from high school swore that when she was younger, she and her older brother were driving through Adams on their way to C’ville at night. They were listening to a tape on the car’s cassette player and suddenly there was a series of loud knocks that sounded as if they were rapping against the body of the car. She got scared and asked him to run the tape back and he told her he knew the tape wasn’t the source of the knocks- he’d played it a lot before so, but he ran the tape back anyway and when they played the part where the knocks had happened, they weren’t on the tape.

Also, when I worked at my first video store in Spfd, I had a couple come in and join and they told me they’d just bought the property adjacent to the property that the Bell Witch cave was on. The husband noted that he was a cynic about the whole legend but that when his wife would get near the border of their property near the cave that she felt some noticeable presence. The man thought she was being irrational and went up to see what she meant. He said he actually did feel something that he wasn’t comfortable with.