Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

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A year ago this blog was dead.  I and several other had made approx 50 posts in 3 years.  It had no followers and had not been updated in a while.  In March, contributor NickyP posted a Wolf Man review.  I remembered that this blog existed and set out to make it more prominent.  In 2010, since march even, we have posted 143 times with various book and movie reviews, rants, and news items.  New contributors have been added to not only give more content but to expand the scope of that content.

As with all blogs, feedback is important.  We couldn't have done it without the readers.  Thanks for everyone that is following us.  We have 35 blogger followers and people you subscribe to the RSS feed.  According to the statistics, you guys like to stop by on Mondays around 10am.

Going forward we plan on continuing with the great content and making 2011 a better year than 2010.  We now have a page on facebook, so look for us there.  I don't know what the other contributors have in store, but I have some movie and book reviews coming up and SteveB has promised a quiz on redheads. 

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DEZMOND said...

yep, people like reading blogs while at work on Mondays :) There's nothing better than not doing your job because you're surfing the net :)))

SteveB said...

Happy New Year, Budd! I've really enjoyed making posts for here -- even though the holiday schmear has eaten a lot of my discretionary writing time. Here's to January!