Monday, January 24, 2011

Wizard Magazine has Folded-An Era has Ended

Topless Robot is reporting the demise of Wizard Magazine.  If you have ever collected comics, then you are likely familiar with it.  If not, this magazine pretty much was comics in the 90's.  It was your go to resource for news and prices. 

I started getting wizards in about 1992.  Then around 94 I started getting them for free as I knew someone who worked for the printing and binding company.  He would give me a cast off copy.  I eventually subscribed and received the mag for about 4 years and got some cool limited edition 1/2 comics. 

I grew up reading Marvel, so a lot of my vast knowledge of DC characters and golden/silver age titles came from reading this magazine.  Like I said, it was a great resource.  I don't know if this will affect their web site or their convention circuit, but the magazine did mean something to me once.  I still have a couple of boxes full of them.  The magazine's quality did decline in recent years, but you hate to see something like this go.

Goodbye Wizard Magazine, thanks for the Memories. 


Nick said...

I collected wizard on and off. I have maybe 15 issues. As free online communities grew, and as my taste became less and less mainstream I quickly abandoned Wizard. Ah well.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Just another sign of the times with the closure of Wizard the magazine.

Budd said...

paper media is going away.