Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Quiz

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All answers must be in the form of a question, answer in the comments, and no cheating. First person with the most correct answers will get a SciFi Media "no prize" button to display on their website.

This week our topic will be Authors.  All answers will be an author's name.

1.  This Mormon, science fiction author stirs up controversy with the political views that he posts on his blog.
2.  He wrote under the name Richard Bachman at the beginning of his career.
3.  This comic book writer also penned Babylon 5 as well as 4 Babylon 5 short stories.
4.  This Alliterative author wrote Fire upon the Deep and Deepness in the Sky.
5.  Speaking of alliteration, this comic book author used it on a lot of his heroes, such as Reed Richards and Bruce Banner.

Special Bonus for some of my followers that came to me through blogfests:
He is the author of Cassastar, both on sale now and now on sale. 

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Pat Tillett said...

I only know the first two and the last one (of course). So, I'll just stay quiet and not ruin it...

SteveB said...

1. Who is Orson Scott Card?
2. Who is Stephen King?
3. Who is J. Michael Straczynski?
4. bzzzzzzz
5. bzzzzzzz

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Is it cheating to be a librarian? =P

1. Who is Orson Scott Card?
2. Who is Stephen King?
3. Who is Straczynski?
4. Who is Vernor Vinge?
5. Don't know this one...

Budd said...

BookishlyFabulous-Great job. The only one you missed was the one you didn't answer.

#5 was Stan Lee
The bonus was Alex Cavanaugh

Budd said...

Thanks everyone for playing. NO wrong answers on the board.