Monday, April 04, 2011

C day bonus post Cassastar

CassaStarC is for Cassastar and Cavanaugh, its author.  While I won't do a full review as I just finished the book, I really enjoyed it.  It is authored by fellow blogger/ninja Alex J. Cavanaugh co-host of this whole A-Z madness.  Madness I tell you! 

My only regret with the book is that I read it so quick that it only got a weeks exposure on the "T" in Boston (sorry Alex).  Check out Cassastar and support one of our own. You won't be let down and will likely be pleasently surprised. 


Ellie said...

I also lapped CassaStar up in a week. I had the kindle version and then had to buy the paperback!

Ellie Garratt

SFDaddy - Bryan said...

I really enjoyed it, too. Looking forward to more.

Bryan ~ SF Daddy

Bz said...

Great to see one of our own being supported blog-wide :) I'm still getting around to reading this one :)