Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Marvel Zombies- NCCW

Before there were black lanterns or even red lanterns, before there was Zombie Land, there was Marvel Zombies.  It wasn't riding the coat tails of the zombie craze, it was at the forefront.  This one is old enough that I am going to throw out spoilers.

The basic premise is simple; what if zombies infected superheroes.  The answer provided by the comic is super zombies causing global devastation in their quest for ever more food.  Most companies would have went safe here and infected some lesser heroes to have the big names come in and safe the day.  Marvel infected the big names and just when you thought the next big name would save the day, he/she is infected as well.  It looks as Reed Richards' scientific mind is the only hope. While researching the virus, Reed falls in love with the beauty and simplicity of it and infects himself.  The series ends on a familiar note.  The heroes of the marvel Universe teaming up to face Galactus, to make him a zombie as well.

Naturally, I had some questions.  Wouldn't Wolverine's healing factor stave off infection?  Couldn't Colossus just stay in his steel form to prevent infection?  How can you bite something that intangible like Kitty Pryde?  The comic obviously works around these issues as it infects everyone.  If you want to know what your favorite marvel character looks like undead, this is the place to go.  

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Pat Tillett said...

Love the graphics. I don't remember these things for some reason.