Monday, February 27, 2012

MogWorld-Yahtzee Croshaw

Yahtzee Croshaw sets out to create a fantasy novel that takes place in the world of an MMORPG(massively multiplayer online role-playing game, think World of Warcraft) from the perspective of NPCs(non player characters).  He succeeds in doing this and in telling a pretty good story along the way. 
Jim is the hero, no scratch that, the protagonist of the story.  He is dead, but he got better.  He is accompanied by Meryle and Thaddeus (both also dead, but got better).  Jim pretty much wants to find out how to get dead again and stay that way, but something has happened to the world and for the last 15 years, anytime someone dies, they get a new body at the nearest church (except for Jim and company, as they died pre “infusion”).  This happening was called the “infusion” and it coincided with a lot of people all of a sudden turning to adventurers and setting out on the adventurer’s trail. 
This book is full of witty dialogue and humorously pokes fun of its MMORPG/fantasy source material.  Croshaw develops the characters so that you actually care about NPCs, that in itself is impressive.  It reads lightening quick and whenever it is in danger of slowing down, “Slippery John” shows up to speed things back up.  You don’t have to play online role-playing games to enjoy this book, I don’t.  A passing knowledge of the genre would be all that was necessary.  If you think you want to read it but are unfamiliar with role-playing games.  Pick any game and play it for half an hour and you should be set.  I would put this one at 14 and up age wise.  I think anyone can enjoy it. 

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