Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Silent Hill Questions

*warning: spoilers for a 10 year old movie follow. 

I remember watching this movie when it came out and liking it for whatever reason.  It has been called one of the best video game adaptions of all time, not that the bar is set very high.  I haven't played the game, so I can't compare.  Then new movie is coming out and it looks interesting, enough that I thought I might want to watch the original again.  It was on Crackle for Roku, what luck. 

I sat down with both my girls as I don't remember it being too scary and they like to be scared.  Now, my oldest didn't think it was scary enough and my youngest thought it was too scary.  Watching it for the second time and seperated from what was, then, amazing special effects, I had some questions about the movie.  Maybe these are answered in the game.

1.  So the little girl is all the good and innocence that was left in the girl they burned.  and the demon thing was under the burnt husks control?\

2.  Everyone was dead, right?  Because it seemed like everyone in Silent Hill was dead.  The cop had a motorcycle accident and was bleeding from her head, the mom and daughter also crashed.  In the real world they find the car and the bike but no bodies and they pretty much walk through the same areas without seeing each other. 

3.  If they are dead, how is the girl coming back for the second movie?

4.  Where we supposed to feel sympathetic for the demon possessed dead girl? She won and the mom helped her do it but I think it might be a 24 of one and two dozen of the other type situation.  It seemed like they were painting this as a tale of vengence but she also didn't really care who she hurt to get it. 

5.  If everyone is dead, does that make Silent Hill Hell.  Is that why the mom and daughter are allowed to leave at the end?  Was the cop lady martyred in hell?

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I thought everyone was dead. And I don't think they really escaped at the end.
Caught part of it a few weeks ago and it still has a creepy atmosphere.